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Some Local Links: -- the website of St. Alban’s parish, our home. Also see the Links page on that site. -- the website of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles –- the website of The Episcopal News, the Diocese of Los Angeles’ news source. –- UCLA’s website -- the website for the University Religious Conference, an ecumenical organization of which we’re a member


To Learn More About the Episcopal Church: -– the website of the national Episcopal Church.  If you’re looking to learn about the Church’s history and teachings, check out the “Seekers & Visitors” section.

Direct links to a couple of useful places on the national church’s website: 

If you want to know where the Episcopal Church stands on social issues check out, a downloadable PDF file of a booklet outlining social policy decisions made at General Convention and by the Executive Council (ways the Episcopal Church governs itself) compiled by the Episcopal Public Policy Network. 

The Ministries with Young People, which includes campus ministries, page is located at -- the website of Louie Crew, a living saint in the Episcopal Church, founder of Integrity, the grassroots organization of Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Episcopalians, and keeper of statistics no one else bothers with; his site includes essays from a variety of people on a variety of topics and an ever-growing list of reasons why people are Episcopalians.


To Learn More About the Worldwide Anglican Communion: –- access to Anglican News Service updates, information on what unites Anglicans and the work of various networks of Anglicans. –- an independent resource, Anglicans Online is dedicated to information and news of the Anglican Communion. –- the website of the Church of England, Mother Church of the Anglican Communion. –- the site of Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, figurehead of the Anglican Communion.


Online Episcopal/Anglican Magazines:

Every Voice Network, a progressive Episcopal and Anglican web-based network, The site includes commentary from a variety of lay and ordained folks on current issues impacting the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.

The Witness,, is an online magazine with nearly a one hundred year history (a print version was available until the fall of 2003); it also has a progressive slant. is the online home of the weekly print magazine The Living Church. It’s a staple in Episcopal churches, even in ones who find its perspective a little too conservative.


Praying Online & Other Sites Useful For Spiritual Growth:

If you’d like to read and “inwardly digest” the assigned lessons for this coming Sunday (or any Sunday in the near future) check out The site also includes some preaching resources—things like other people’s sermons on the lessons and links to art work dealing with themes from the lessons.

The Mission of St. Clare operates this website— –- to “to give busy people a way to participate in Morning and Evening Prayer including the readings and psalms for each day (along with a bit of music!).” The Daily Office (set prayers for Morning and Evening—along with prayers for use at noon and night) developed in monasteries and convents. This version comes from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer.

This site run by Irish Jesuits,, will walk you through a meditation with Scripture selected for the day. It also offers “Prayer Guides” as you go with ideas on how to get more out of the site and your prayer life. is a British site with an essay on how to pray and resources for prayer, including prayers for times of conflict.

The Prayer Sanctuary,, will offer you a way to take a quick breather and light a virtual prayer candle. The site automatically plays some meditation music, so adjust your volume.

A labyrinth is an ancient meditation tool sometimes found on the floors of cathedrals. Walking one can be like going on a pilgrimage without having to actually go anywhere. If you’re interested in walking one see the labyrinth locator on this page: Search the whole state of California as the local ones aren’t in Los Angeles proper and the database isn’t clever enough to get you ones surrounding LA specifically. The page also has an online finger labyrinth which you can “walk” with your mouse.


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